Canned Tuna

Every part of the tuna we provide is carefully sized to ensure that the texture and the nutritional value are preserved in the process. Our pre-cooked tuna is thoroughly cleaned and finely trimmed according to the product specifications. In the packing process, we use broth and sauces made out of healthy oil to enhance the tenderness of the tuna meat. Our team pays attention to the quality of our products in every single step because we serve only the best we can to the world.

Tuna species

Skipjack, Yellowfin, Tonggol and Albacore


Sunflower oil, olive oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, brine, spring water, vegetable broth, sauce and other accompaniments as per required recipes.

Popular Products

Skipjack Chunks in Soybean Oil
Tonggol Solids in Sunflower Oil Skipjack Flakes in Brine
Albacore Solids in Brine

Type of Canned Tuna

Packing Net
Weight (g.)
Weight (g.)
Packing Cans
  Can Description Cartons
Size Lid Type
Specie : 
80 56 48/2.8   211x106 EOE 3,300
           Normal Lid 3,400
95 67 48/3.3   211x109 EOE 3,200
            Normal Lid 3,300
  140 98 48/4.9   307x105.5 EOE 2,200
            Normal Lid 2,300
  150 105 48/5   307x105.5 EOE 2,200
            Normal Lid 2,300
  160 112 48/5.6   307x108 EOE 1,900
            Normal Lid 2,000
  170 120 48/6   307x108 EOE 1,900
            Normal Lid 2,000
  185 130 48/6.5   307x111 EOE 1,800
            Normal Lid 1,900
  200 140 48/7.02   307x113 EOE  1,750
            Normal Lid 1,800
  1,000 700 12/33.5   603x212 Normal Lid 1,300
  1,880 1,250 6/A10   603x408 Norma Lid 1,600